Services Overview

The Company manufacture custom-made cabinets, furniture, and trim work. Global Design and Construction Corp also provides design services. Cabinet Design Specialists will design each cabinet, furniture, or trim work based on the needs and desires of the client. Each client will express the needs and desires in a meeting with the Cabinet Design Specialists. Following the meeting, a hand-drawn sketch will be sent to the client for approval. Once the client approves the sketch, a complete design of the project will be created and sent to the client. The manufacturing process will begin only after the client approves the complete design of the project.
Cabinet and Furniture Manufacturing.
Following the completion of the design process, Cabinet Production Technicians will manufacture the individual cabinets and furniture. Global Design and Construction Corp will manufacture products with stain grade wood materials or finest veneers. Cabinet Production Technicians will use hand tools or machines in order to manufacture the products. The manufacturing process will use sliding panel saws and/or miter saws in order to cut individual pieces of paneling. The panels will be processed with edge banders or molders in order to obtain the finished shape and smoothness of the products. The Company will also use, whenever possible, computer numerically controlled machines to ensure the precision of the manufacturing process. Clients will be able to obtain the following custom designed products: Wall units: designed with or without space for a TV, designed to surround a fireplace or mantel, designed as bookshelves or libraries Kitchen cabinets: custom made with or without built in appliances, exhaust hoods, or islands according to client request Home offices Closet organizers and built-in wardrobes Wine cellars and bars Individual paneling wainscotings with onsite paint and stain finishing. .
Cabinet and Furniture Installation
Global Design and Construction Corp will also install all custom cabinets and furniture for the client. This service will ensure proper installation of the product according to the design. In addition, Cabinet Installation Technicians will check for any issues or problems with the installed cabinets and furniture in order to guarantee the quality of the entire process.